The D.R.E.A.M. Financial Academy program is designed to provide youth ages 6-19 with relevant and engaging instruction about personal finance.

Each module in the series will build on the previous module(s), and students who complete the program all earn financial incentives earmarked for investment.  Students will be assisted in making their investments by qualified professionals, and investments will be monitored with the students.

The themes are:

D – Dream R – Research and Planning E – Earning A – Assets M – Making it Happen


Research & Planning

Earning & Assets

Making it Happen

This program is needed to guide students on the path to plan for their financial futures.

Goals for the program are:

-To empower future investors to think differently about finance and money

-Unlock students’ potential to make sound budgeting and financial decisions

-Inspire students to succeed

-Ignite interest in career fields in the financial industry